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What is Arts for the Blues?

Arts for the Blues is a new evidence based creative psychological therapy for depression, that encompasses movement, talking, visual art and writing.  It is a group intervention that includes activities focused on connecting the arts with the body, experimenting and expressing emotions, sharing with others, working with insight and integrating useful material back into lives.

The development of the therapy model and interventions delivered to date are all collaboratively funded research activities. We particularly thank NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group for their support.

I am a practitioner, what does this website offer?

Our intention is to begin a journey with psychotherapists, counsellors and students who are interested in creative methods. We aim to develop a network, learn from each other, share ideas and enhance our practice. As the website grows we intend to have a practitioner forum space to connect with each other.

For now, we invite you to learn more about the key ingredients that underpin the Arts for the Blues approach by clicking the buttons on the model below.

If you would like access the short creative videos for each ingredient, you will need to register with us. You should see a Register option on the main menu at the top of this page. By registering, you also have the option of joining our mailing list to be notified of our events and training opportunities. All practitioners and students are welcome, whether you are an experienced arts therapist looking for ideas from other modalities, a CBT counsellor dipping your toe into creativity, or a curious student wanting to learn.

We welcome practitioners and services to contact us for potential collaborations.

How are we testing out Arts for the Blues?

Funding was secured to deliver experiential workshops and focus groups with both IAPT patients and staff, as well as in other populations with either depression or other related mental health issues.

We have recently worked with Mind, the mental health charity to deliver an online twelve session therapy package for service users. 

Research work is currently underway adapting the model for children, perinatal depression, students and to support staff wellbeing in clinical populations affected by Covid-19. Interventions can be offered in person or online.

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