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Ingredient Overview

This approach supports experimentations with diverse materials and art forms and, more importantly, ways of being. Although these experimentations are encouraged throughout the process of therapy, particular attention to exploring new ways is given after in depth explorations, processing and some degree of understanding has been achieved. Participants can be actively encouraged to play with different arts media or may be encouraged to consider changing from one type of medium to another, that is ‘if there was a gesture you might make in response to the drawing what might that look like’ or ‘if you were to write a little about your movement what words would you start with?’ Participants may also be encouraged to approach their work differently, for example observe it from a different angle, recreate their movement using different qualities, role play taking on different characters, ‘amplify’ their work using a different modality or try out the opposite polarity of an emotion or creative expression.

Example – moving from one arts medium to another, adding new qualities to a movement sequence, adding a new shape or colour to a drawing, exploring polarities, role playing.   

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