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Ingredient Overview

Forming and developing relationships is encouraged from the beginning to the end of the therapeutic process. Sessions are structured and facilitated with relational connections at the heart of the activities. As well as connecting with one’s own process, we encourage connection with others through mirroring each other’s body movements, rhythmical attunement, changing leadership by taking turns in movement or music making, making marks alongside each other in group drawings, witnessing each other’s work in a non-judgemental way, verbal sharing in pairs and groups and dialoguing with the work and with each other. Further emphasis on building relationships with other participants is supported at a pair and group level from the fourth session onwards. Non-verbal and verbal connections are encouraged in the form of mirroring, witnessing, verbal sharing, changing leadership and group drawings. Through these activities, clients can learn to trust the therapist and group and become comfortable with being witnessed and responding to others.
Examples – Mirroring, following and leading, group drawing, witnessing/being witnessed, verbal sharing, pair work, group sculpting.

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