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Ingredient Overview

Our approach actively supports participants to conclude therapy by integrating meaning through an expressive end-piece. This can take the shape of a movement gesture or posture, a movement sequence, an image, or a poem that may or may not be performed in front of others within the group. Participants may also be encouraged to take away a creative anchor (image, wording, movement/posture or sound) from sessions, that they feel may be useful to refer to, embody or keep nearby between sessions. Linking group work back to one’s life allows participants to learn how to apply their therapeutic work to their lives outside of therapy and prepare them for the end of the group. It may also support a transition for group members to engage with creative activities after the completion of the course of therapy.

Example – Having one movement, image or poem that captures the journey of therapy. Engaging in regular and crafts/dance or art based journaling, poetry or music making, making a plan for the future.    

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